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What is Foodzy?

Foodzy is your personal food journal. With the apps for iPhone and Android and the website, you are able to keep track of everything you eat and drink. We turn this into a live activity stream and real time dashboards to show you how your day looked, and where you could do better. We encourage healthy habits by awarding badges and bonuses for eating good foods like fruits, fibre, water & vegetables or eating varied.

Find products
We tried to make things easy for you and will only show you products that are available in you home country. If a product isn’t listed in our database yet, you can easily add it yourself in your own language. Once you start using Foodzy more often, you will notice all of your favorite products will automatically appear on top of the search results.

Want an even easier way to check in food? Start creating your own Eatzies! Eatzies are your very own recipes or food combos. For example your husband’s Spaghetti Carbonara or your own homemade Chocolate Brownies. You can create an Eatzy of any of you favorite recipes by going to and adding all the ingredients. Tell us how many servings the dish is and voila: From now in you can check in a single serving of every meal you often eat. We will know exactly what ingredients went in there and will log all of them in your food history. You can share your Eatzies with friends on Foodzy or via Facebook & Twitter.

Bits & Calories
Foodzy keeps track of the calories you eat, but we translate these amounts to ‘bits’. 1 Bit = 20 calories. An average female should eat about 100 Bits per day, an average male about 150. However this number varies for every individual. If you want to lose weight you should try to eat slightly less then the advised amount, if you want to gain weight or if you work out a lot, you can eat more. The daily target is different for every individual, try using Foodzy to see what Bit target works best for you!

Weight & Excercise
Foodzy users that own a Fitbit pedometer or Withings scale are able to connect their user accounts to Foodzy. This way we’ll be able to automatically update your weight every day and show you how many Bits you’ve already burned today. As a general guideline, a person should try to balance the amount of food versus exercise they get on a daily basis. Had to much to eat already? Go for an extra walk or climb an extra pair of stairs! Getting fit is all about finding the right balance. If you don’t have a Fitbit, we’ll calculate the average amount of bits you will burn every day based on your height, weight, age and gender. Set up your Withings or Fitbit connection under your personal settings on

Fluid Level & Food Halo
Other dashboards in our app and website will show you the amount of fluid you’ve drank today. It is advised to drink at least 1,5 liters / 50 fl oz. per day, preferably water. Our Fluid Level gauge will help you keep track to see if you are meeting your target. Additionally, our Food Halo will give you a visual indication of your food pattern that day. See many blues and greens? You probably had a good day with plenty of water, fruit, vegetables, fibre, fats and protein! If you food halo turns red, pink and yellow this might indicate you had some less healthy snacks like sweets, soda or alcohol. Not something to be too worried about, the food halo is merely an indicator of the different types of food you’ve been eating!

In the end, Foodzy is not about losing weight or keeping track of calories. By seeing what types of products you eat most, how much you drink, but also by connecting hardware devices like the Withings scale and Fitbit, you are able to start monitoring your full health and well-being all in one place and ultimately, change it for the better.

How can I use Foodzy?

You can use Foodzy online at or the mobile apps for iPhone and Android.

When was Foodzy founded?

Foodzy was founded in the spring of 2011 by Marjolijn Kamphuis and Johan Voets. Within a small team of web and mobile developers they are responsible for product design and development. launched in private beta at The Next Web Conference in April 2011, and was publicly released on the 4th of July later that year. The 3.0 version of the app and website was launched in August 2012. 

Foodzy in numbers

+ Since its global launch in July 2011, Foodzy’s database has grown from 50,000 to over 250,000 food products, most of it crowdsourced by users.
+ Nearly 45% of all check-ins on Foodzy come from mobile devices
+ Foodzy currently has users in 140 countries. It is particulary popular in The United States, The Netherlands, Italy and Brasil where coffee, tap water, pasta and bananas are currently the most beloved products.

I have a brand, business or agency and would like to work with Foodzy!

Awesome! We see loads of possibilities for companies and brands to get involved in Foodzy. Maybe you’re considering a company subscription for your employees and customers? Or you might be thinking of launching your own product icons and badges? Contact us at business[at] to get in touch and discuss how we could hit it off.

Who are Foodzy’s investors?

We’re a bootstrapped and self-funded company and currently have no VC or angel investments. As mentioned above, we are interested in strategic alliances with companies that match our business profile.

What’s your business model?

Foodzy has two types of users: Non-paying users that use a light version of our website and mobile apps and Pro users that pay a small fee of $24.95 per year to get the full product. Our paying customers currently enable us to develop our platform and build an even better product for them.

Is Foodzy hiring?

Yes! Please check out our Jobs section to see if you are The One we've been looking for to join our Amsterdam based HQ!.

Is my data safe and private with Foodzy?

Although we live in an era of social sharing, we understand keeping track of your food and health is still a rather personal matter for a lot of people. This is why you can make Foodzy as public or private as you like. By default, your food check-ins are only shared with friends. We will never share private information like your weight, total amount of bits (calories) or email address with anyone.

You can make Foodzy even more private by adjusting your privacy settings to ‘share with no one’. However, a lot of our users think it’s fun to share their food updates and badges with friends on other social networks like Facebook and Twitter because it encourages them to keep up the good work. Whatever suits you best, you can set up Foodzy anyway you’d like. You can read more about our Privacy Policy here.

I would like to build an app using Foodzy data, is that possible?

Not yet, but we are working real hard to make it happen! We think a lot of cool stuff could be built on Foodzy’s check in data, so we are currently working real hard on creating a very awesome API for third parties. We still have some new features to release first, but do expect an API coming up later this year!