The Team

Marjolijn Kamphuis

Marjolijn Kamphuis is the CEO and co-founder of Foodzy, where she is responsible for user interface design & product development, marketing and business development. She has previously worked as an online producer at MTV Networks, Universal Music and G-Star and is the editor-in-chief and co-founder of, one of Hollandís largest techblogs. Marjolijn holds two Master's degrees in Design & Digital Media from Edinburgh University and Communication & Information Science from Tilburg University. She's currently sinking her teeth into a redesign and expansion of the Foodzy dashboard.

Johan Voets

Johan Voets is CTO and co-founder of Foodzy and responsible for platform development, management of the engineering team and operations. He previously worked as a lead developer on online and mobile projects for Universities, Nike, Vodafone and the Dutch government and is a tech blogger for Dutchcowboys. Johan studied both engineering and graphic design. In addition to pursuing his obvious interest in quantified self & tech, Johan is currently obsessed with developing the Foodzy API..